Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aduan P1 Wimax

Aku ada dapat email pasal P1 WiMAX ni..korang baca & nilai la sendiri ye.

Please note that I received this bill from P1 Wmax amounting to RM1019.83. Let me give you a brief explanation that resulted to this billing.Due to the robust advertisement abou P1 Wmax, we enrolled for the P1 Wmax WiFi on October 16, 2009. We of course brought our Maxis wired broad band bill to get the RM160 waiver + 1 month free billing + another month free billing (you will get this only on the 13th month- after 12 months of usage) due to auto debit, however we had to pay RM100.00 cash out front as registration. Which basically means that you will get 2 months free and will actually pay on the 3rd month.

When we were given the modem the salesman only informed us that we had to take it home, plug it in and use it. However, when I went home it did not work and I had to call a friend of mine who informed me that I have to configure my modem first and immediate directed me on how to do it. The salesman lucky infromed us that there is a 7 day cooling down period and if are not satisfied we can return the modem.

After using it for a day, we found that this P1 Wmax was actually much slower than the present Maxis wired broadband that I had (I still had my Maxis Broadband and switched them between, P1 Wmax and Maxis, to see the difference). On the 3rd day we called the customer care of P1 and explained to the technical department that my system is very slow using the P1, though it was advertised that it is the "fastest broadband". I said that when I want to send a mail out from gmail it takes time however when I switched to Maxis it goes out immediately and asked why. Actually when I called their care centre, I had to wait a long time, therefore when one of the careline person took the call.
Anyway, he guided me on how to perform a test on my broadband Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test and the test revealed that the download speed was 1.39 Mb/s (1.2 min) and upload was only 0.11 Mb/s (0.5 min) and the Bing was 143 ms (within the range). I then asked the customer care online "so how" he replied that he is unable to do anything until "after the cooling down period" (after the 7 days) and I asked him how is he going to solve the problem. He again mentioned that he can only technically resolve my problem after the 7 days cooling down period.
I asked why he cannot send anyone tomorrow? He replied "No". And I said if after the 7 days cooling down period it still does not work, then how? He said they will send a technician to my home to solve the problem. And I asked what if it is not solved can I return the modem? He was unable to answer that question. I then concluded with my wife that we should return the modem within this period on October 26, 2009, since we are unable to get anything done until after the cooling down period.
Looks like I made the right decision since after receiving this invoice and when I called up P1 Wmax they said to disregard the Invoice since we returned the modem within the cooling down period. I asked which means that if I return the modem after the cooling down period I will have to pay this amount? He said yes since we have signed a CONTRACT!Please note that at NO TIME did the sale person informed us that there is a penalty involved!!!

Note : We also had to pay out front RM100.00 in cash, BUT when we went to return the modem they said that they will only send by check the RM100.00 AFTER 45 DAYS!!!!! (Imagine we pay cash out front and have to wait 45 days for something that is not our fault!!!!!)

I am writing the above as a preventive measure so that other BU residents or others are not caught off guard. Note that once you sign up for something make sure it works read the finer points of the Contract do not trust the sale person (I don not blame them since they are just making a living and are not technically qualified) do not terminate your present broadband (if you have one or you will need to sign a new contact again with your existing broadband provider again) double check the what the operator is suppose to provide you. though Maxis provide about 2GB per month download and P1 provide 10GB per month, you normally use less that 1GB. NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD. Well I am waiting for the next month's credit card bill to see if they have charge me the RM1,091.83!

Lastly, P1 is not as what they describe the "Fastest broadband in town!"
BU Resident

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