Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Earth Hour | 31 Mac 2012 | Baik Buruk

So you think Earth Hour is a good cause? Think again.

Earth Hour Malaysia 2012 (on 31st March 2012) is just around the corner.

And I recommend people not to waste the electricity by joining forces with this cause.
The intention is good, but the idea, in my honest opinion, is bad.

As of now, the missing link in our power grid is a large battery.
Meaning? Electric created by the power plants now need to be used now.
With no power grid battery, unused electricity is wasted just like that.
With power grid battery, we can store electricity created now to be used up later.

Then, why don't we build one right now?
Current battery technology uses exotic material which is very expensive to built into a large battery suitable for power grid usage.
Therefore, it is uneconomic to build one with the current technology.

So, what should you do?
The technology is already invented and should be reachable in Malaysia in a few years time thanks to this guy, Donald Sadoway.
He invented the liquid battery that specifically cater the problem of large battery for power grid usage.
So until then, just be patient until the technology goes global.
People should not waste time and electricity by joining Earth Hour Malaysia.

Investigate a cause (e.g. the Earth Hour) before you join one.

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HR kilang aku punya semangat sampai suruh buat wallpaper, banner dan macam-macam lagi. Hanya untuk satu jam. Bila adik ipar aku letak mende ni kat FB, baru buat aku terfikir. Adik ipar aku yang ni bab-bab engineering memang power sampaikan piping kolam kat Segamat dia yang design. Sejuk buah hati beliau di Jordan yang nama pun seiras dengan aku.

Kalau siapa-siapa yang pasang paip kolam boleh contact aku..haha..

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